EnviroProtect. Enviromental and Occupational Services

EnviroProtect Company Profile

EnviroProtect is one of the most respected consultants in Victoria's Environmental, Waste Management and Occupational Health & Safety / Hygiene services.

EnviroProtects vision is to be the leading environmental and occupational health and safety management outfit in Australia and due to our outstanding ability to fuse years of experience and professional qualifications into one resource to operate in assisting with health, safety, hygiene, and environmental issues this goal is extremely obtainable.

EnviroProtect (Vic) has developed a set of clear, simple concepts for servicing our clients and managing our work. These concepts represent the business philosophies that drive EnviroProtect (Vic) Pty Ltd today.

Here at EnviroProtect (Vic) though we focus primarily on works based within Victoria, as we have specific knowledge regarding the safety, environmental and regulatory requirements for operating in this region, we are also available for national-wide consulting project. Our other main focuses are to conduct all projects within relevant legislative requirements and industry standards and endeavours to preserve client quality criteria.

EnviroProtects services are available to companies, individuals and joint ventures, with health, safety, hygiene and/or environmental issues. EnviroProtect (Vic) believe no issue is too great or small as we endeavour to establish a safer environment for all.